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degrees; occurrence; time; counter for occurrences

do · to · タクtaku
たびtabi · -た.い-tai
Popularity rank: 110 Pinyin: dù, duó, duò Korean: do, tag Hán-Việt: độ, đạc
Stroke counts: 9 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 3-3-5

Example Words

御目出度う御座います[omedetougozaimasu] congratulations
急度[kitto] surely
此度[konotabi] this occasion
その都度[sonotsudo] each time it happens
度に[tabini] each time
の度に[notabini] on the occasion of
印度[indo] India
印度支那[indoshina] Indochina
沃度丁幾[youdochinki] tincture of iodine
悪性度[akuseido] malignancy

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