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eight; eight radical (no. 12)

ya · や.つyatsu · やっ.つyatutsu · よう
Popularity rank: 92 Pinyin: bā, bá Korean: pal Hán-Việt: bát
Stroke counts: 2 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 1-1-1

Example Words

一か八か[ichikabachika] sink or swim
嘘っ八[usoppachi] downright lie
嘘っ八百[usoppappyaku] full of lies
嘘八百[usohappyaku] full of lies
八釜しい[kamabisushii] noisy
口八丁[kuchihacchou] voluble
三十八度線[sanjuuhachidosen] the Thirty-eighth Parallel
四苦八苦[shikuhakku] being in dire distress
四通八達[shitsuuhattatsu] traffic network extending in all directions
四方八方[shihouhappou] in all directions

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