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until; up to; as far as; to the extent

までmade · およ.ぶoyobu
Pinyin: Korean: heul Hán-Việt: hất
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 3-4-4

Example Words

此れ迄[koremade] hitherto
迄に[madeni] by
何時迄[itsumade] how long?
何時迄も[itsumademo] forever
何時何時迄も[itsuitsumademo] indefinitely
何処迄[dokomade] how far
何処迄も[dokomademo] anywhere
完膚無き迄[kanpunakimade] completely
言う迄もない[iumademonai] it goes without saying
飽く迄[akumade] to the end

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