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see; hopes; chances; idea; opinion; look at; visible

み.るmiru · み.えるmieru · み.せるmiseru
Popularity rank: 22 Pinyin: jiàn, xiàn Korean: gyeon, hyeon Hán-Việt: kiến, hiện
Stroke counts: 7 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 2-5-2

Example Words

お花見[ohanami] cherry blossom viewing
御見えになる[omieninaru] to arrive
御見舞[omimai] calling on someone who is ill
様を見ろ[zamawomiro] serves you right!
じっと見る[jittomiru] to watch steadily
ジロジロ見る[jirojiromiru] to stare at
まじまじと見る[majimajitomiru] to take a long hard look at something
見す見す[misumisu] before one's own eyes
グループ見出し[guruupumidashi] group heading
意見[iken] opinion

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