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stand up; rise; set up; erect

リツritsu · リュウryū · リットルrittoru
た.つtatsu · -た.つ-tatsu · た.ち-tachi- · た.てるtateru · -た.てる-tateru · た.て-tate- · たて-tate- · -た.て-tate · --
Popularity rank: 58 Pinyin: Korean: rib Hán-Việt: lập
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 4-5-2

Example Words

ペンキ塗り立て[penkinuritate] wet paint
粟立つ[awadatsu] to have gooseflesh (cold or horror)
安心立命[anshinritsumei] spiritual peace and enlightenment
一頭立て[ittoudate] one-horse (carriage)
一本立ち[ippondachi] independence
引立つ[hikitatsu] to become active
隠し立て[kakushidate] secrecy
永世中立[eiseichuuritsu] permanent neutrality
永世中立国[eiseichuuritsukoku] permanent neutral country
推し立てる[oshitateru] to set up

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