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part; minute of time; segment; share; degree; one's lot; duty; understand; know; rate; 1%; chances; shaku; 100

ブンbun · フンfun · bu
わ.けるwakeru · わ.けwake · わ.かれるwakareru · わ.かるwakaru · わ.かつwakatsu
Popularity rank: 24 Pinyin: fēn, fèn Korean: bun Hán-Việt: phân, phần, phận
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 2-2-2

Example Words

グループ分離キャラクタ[guruupubunrikyarakuta] group separator
システム分析[shisutemubunseki] systems analysis
ファイル分離キャラクタ[fairubunrikyarakuta] file separator
ユニット分離キャラクタ[yunittobunrikyarakuta] unit separator
レコード分離キャラクタ[rekoodobunrikyarakuta] record separator
異分子[ibunshi] outsider
医薬分業[iyakubungyou] separation of medical and dispensary practice (practise)
一回分[ikkaibun] dose
一部分[ichibubun] part
一分[ichibu] one tenth

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