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exit; leave; go out; come out; put out; protrude

シュツshutsu · スイsui
で.るderu · -で-de · だ.すdasu · -だ.す-dasu · い.でるideru · い.だすidasu
Popularity rank: 13 Pinyin: chū Korean: chul, chu Hán-Việt: xuất, xúy
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 4-5-2

Example Words

御出でになる[oideninaru] to be
御目出度う御座います[omedetougozaimasu] congratulations
曝け出す[sarakedasu] to expose
出来るようになる[dekiruyouninaru] (something) has become possible
グループ見出し[guruupumidashi] group heading
圧出[asshutsu] pressing out
案出[anshutsu] contrivance
移出[ishutsu] export
溢れ出る[afurederu] to overflow from something full
逸出[isshutsu] escape

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