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circle; yen; round

まる.いmarui · まるmaru · まどmado · まど.かmadoka · まろ.やかmaroyaka
Popularity rank: 69 Pinyin: yuán Korean: weon Hán-Việt: viên
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 3-2-2

Example Words

一円[ichien] one yen
一円玉[ichiendama] one-yen coin
一円札[ichiensatsu] one-yen bill
円か[madoka] round
円やか[maroyaka] round
円グラフ[engurafu] pie graph
円安[enyasu] cheap yen
円為替[engawase] yen exchange
円域[eniki] yen bloc

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