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ロクroku · リクriku
mu · む.つmutsu · むっ.つmututsu · むいmui
Popularity rank: 93 Pinyin: liù, lù Korean: ryug Hán-Việt: lục
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 2-2-2

Example Words

一六銀行[ichirokuginkou] pawnshop
一六勝負[ichirokushoubu] gambling
五臓六腑[gozouroppu] the internal organs
三十六計[sanjuurokkei] the 36 (ancient Chinese military) strategies (of which the last resort was said to be beating a retreat)
三面六臂[sanmenroppi] rush of business
四六時中[shirokujichuu] around the clock
十六[juuroku] 16
十六音符[juurokuonpu] 16th note
十六夜[izayoi] sixteen-day-old moon
上方贅六[kamigatazeiroku] people of the Kyoto area

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