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below; down; descend; give; low; inferior

ka · ge
したshita · しもshimo · もとmoto · さ.げるsageru · さ.がるsagaru · くだ.るkudaru · くだ.りkudari · くだ.すkudasu · -くだ.す-kudasu ·
Popularity rank: 97 Pinyin: xià Korean: ha Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 3 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 4-3-1

Example Words

お下げ[osage] wearing one's hair in braids
御覧下さい[gorankudasai] please look at it
ぶら下がる[burasagaru] to hang from
ぶら下げる[burasageru] to hang
こき下ろす[kokiorosu] to denounce
案下[anka] under the table
已下[ige] not exceeding
以下の通り[ikanotoori] as below
胃下垂[ikasui] gastroptosis
一枚下[ichimaishita] one step lower

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