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eat; food

ショクshoku · ジキjiki
く.うkuu · く.らうkurau · た.べるtaberu · は.むhamu
Popularity rank: 328 Pinyin: shí, sì Korean: sig, sa Hán-Việt: thực, tự
Stroke counts: 9 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 2-2-7

Example Words

御食い初め[okuizome] weaning ceremony
食っ付く[kuttsuku] to adhere to
食っ付ける[kuttsukeru] to attach
ぼりぼり食べる[boriboritaberu] to eat with a munching or crunching sound
インスタント食品[insutantoshokuhin] instant foods
レトルト食品[retorutoshokuhin] packed and sterilised food
衣食[ishoku] food and clothing
衣食住[ishokujuu] necessities of life (food, clothing & shelter)
育児食[ikujishoku] baby food
一夜乞食[ichiyakojiki] (a) person made homeless by fire

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