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hear; ask; listen

ブンbun · モンmon
き.くkiku · き.こえるkikoeru
Popularity rank: 319 Pinyin: wén, wèn Korean: mun Hán-Việt: văn, vấn
Stroke counts: 14 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 3-8-6

Example Words

スポーツ新聞[supootsushinbun] sporting newspaper
悪徳新聞[akutokushinbun] irresponsible newspaper
逸聞[itsubun] something unheard of
叡聞に[eibunni] (in the) emperor's hearing
下聞[kabun] enquiring beforehand
下聞き[shitagiki] enquiring beforehand
寡聞[kabun] limited information
怪聞[kaibun] strange rumor
外聞[gaibun] reputation
旧聞[kyuubun] old news

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