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don; arrive; wear; counter for suits of clothing

チャクchaku · ジャクjaku
き.るkiru · -ぎ-gi · き.せるkiseru · -き.せ-kise · つ.くtsuku · つ.けるtsukeru
Popularity rank: 376 Pinyin: zháo, zhāo, zhe, zhuó Korean: chag Hán-Việt: trứ, trước, trữ
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 2-6-6

Example Words

くっ着ける[kuttsukeru] to attach
バス発着場[basuhacchakujou] depot
逢着[houchaku] encounter
悪戯着[itazuragi] rompers
圧着[acchaku] crimp
圧着端子[acchakutanshi] crimp contact
安着[anchaku] safe arrival
伊達着[dategi] showy clothes
移着[ichaku] adhering or embedding of wear debris in the opposing surface
磯巾着[isoginchaku] sea anemone

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