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stop; halt

と.まるtomaru · -ど.まり-domari · と.めるtomeru · -と.める-tomeru · -ど.め-dome · とど.めるtodomeru · とど.めtodome · とどtodo
Popularity rank: 310 Pinyin: zhǐ Korean: ji Hán-Việt: chỉ
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 4-4-2

Example Words

右折禁止[usetsukinshi] No Right Turn!
運転停止[untenteishi] suspension of operations
化学兵器禁止条約[kagakuheikikinshijouyaku] chemical weapons ban treaty
核抑止力[kakuyokushiryoku] nuclear deterrent force
鎌止め[kamadome] cutting grass and trees is prohibited
客止め[kyakudome] draw a full house
休止[kyuushi] pause
休止符[kyuushifu] rest (music)
挙止[kyoshi] bearing
禁止[kinshi] prohibition

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