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-times; round; game; revolve; counter for occurrences

カイkai · e
まわ.るmawaru · -まわ.る-mawaru · -まわ.り-mawari · まわ.すmawasu · -まわ.す-mawasu · まわ.し-mawashi- · -まわ.し-mawashi ·
Popularity rank: 50 Pinyin: huí Korean: hoe Hán-Việt: hồi
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 3-3-3

Example Words

弄り回す[ijirimawasu] to tinker with
どさ回りをやる[dosamawariwoyaru] to go on tour
螺子回し[nejimawashi] screwdriver
ウイック回転[uikkukaiten] Wick rotation
挨拶回り[aisatsumawari] courtesy call
一回[ikkai] once
ひと回り[hitomawari] one turn
一回忌[ikkaiki] first death anniversary
一回戦[ikkaisen] first game
一回分[ikkaibun] dose

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