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work; (kokuji)

ドウ · リュクryuku · リキriki · ロクroku · リョクryoku
Popularity rank: 417 Pinyin: dòng Korean: dong Hán-Việt: động
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 4 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 1-2-11

Example Words

下働き[shitabataraki] subordinate work
共働き[tomobataraki] (husband and wife) both working
勤め働く[tsutomehataraku] to work diligently
軽労働[keiroudou] light labor
港湾労働者[kouwanroudousha] longshoreman
自働[jidou] automatic
自働化[jidouka] automation
実働時間[jitsudoujikan] actual work hours
囚人労働[shuujinroudou] prison labor
重労働[juuroudou] heavy labor

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