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body; substance; object; reality; counter for images

タイtai · テイtei
からだkarada · かたちkatachi
Popularity rank: 88 Pinyin: tǐ, bèn Korean: che Hán-Việt: thể
Stroke counts: 7 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 1-2-5

Example Words

ニュース媒体[nyuusubaitai] news media
圧力団体[atsuryokudantai] pressure group
安定同位体[anteidouitai] stable isotope
意識体[ishikitai] discarnate entity
為体[teitaraku] state of affairs
異性体[iseitai] isomer
異体[itai] different body
異体字[itaiji] kanji variants
移動体[idoutai] moving body
遺体[itai] corpse

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