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Tips: joujou characters (Kanji characters to be learned at schools in Japan) are highlighted.
Also note that the English meaning under each Kanji is just one of many other possible senses.


Meaning: in; inside; middle; mean; center
Kun-yomi: なか/うち/あた.る
On-yomi: チュウ


Meaning: inside; within; between; among; house; home
Kun-yomi: うち
On-yomi: ナイ/ダイ

Kun-yomi: うちいど
On-yomi: セイ/ショウ


Meaning: house; home; family; professional; expert; performer
Kun-yomi: いえ/や/うち
On-yomi: カ/ケ


Meaning: grieve
Kun-yomi: いた.む/うれ.える/みうち
On-yomi: ソク/セキ


Meaning: weir; fish trap; beam; girder
Kun-yomi: はり/うつばり/うちばり/やな/はし
On-yomi: リョウ

ancient ordinary kimono

Meaning: ancient ordinary kimono
Kun-yomi: うちき/うちかけ/うちぎ
On-yomi: ケイ

luxuriance of growth

Meaning: luxuriance of growth
Kun-yomi: その/つ.む
On-yomi: エン/オン/ウツ/ウチ/ウン

to bend the wrist

Meaning: to bend the wrist; come off; be broken
Kun-yomi: うで/も.ぐ/もぎ.る
On-yomi: ワン/ウツ/ウチ


Meaning: bruise; contusion
Kun-yomi: うちきず
On-yomi: イ/ユウ/ウ

Kun-yomi: うちあたるこえ/みにくいすがた
On-yomi: エイ


Meaning: reverse; inside; palm; sole; rear; lining; wrong side
Kun-yomi: うち/うら

Japanese bead tree

Meaning: Japanese bead tree
Kun-yomi: おおち/おうち
On-yomi: レン

to stew

Meaning: to stew; simmer; banked fire
Kun-yomi: うずみび
On-yomi: ワイ/ウツ/ウチ

ancient ordinary kimono

Meaning: ancient ordinary kimono
Kun-yomi: うちき/うちかけ
On-yomi: ケイ/カイ/ケ

ancient robe

Meaning: ancient robe
Kun-yomi: うちかけ
On-yomi: リョウ

Kun-yomi: ゆずりは
On-yomi: チョウ/オウチョウ/ヨウ/ショウ

dense growth

Meaning: dense growth
Kun-yomi: うち/おとこよもぎ
On-yomi: ウツ/イ

Kun-yomi: きぬ/うちひも/ひも
On-yomi: イ/キ

Japanese bead tree

Meaning: Japanese bead tree
Kun-yomi: おおち/おうち
On-yomi: チョ


Meaning: bridge; beam
Kun-yomi: はり/うつばり/うちばり/やな/はし
On-yomi: リョウ

tartar horn

Meaning: tartar horn; chilly wind
Kun-yomi: ひちりき
On-yomi: ヒツ/ヒチ/ウツ/ウチ

signal fire

Meaning: signal fire
Kun-yomi: ひうち/ひきり/のろし
On-yomi: スイ


Meaning: entire
Kun-yomi: おうち/ひじき/まどか/まる.い
On-yomi: ラン

chinaberry tree

Meaning: chinaberry tree; round; harmonious
Kun-yomi: おうち/ひじき/まどか/まるい
On-yomi: ラン

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