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Meaning: little; small
Kun-yomi: ちい.さい/こ-/お-/さ-
On-yomi: ショウ


Meaning: few; little
Kun-yomi: すく.ない/すこ.し
On-yomi: ショウ


Meaning: you; your
Kun-yomi: しかり/わける/なんじ/ちかい
On-yomi: ジ/ニ


Meaning: you; that
Kun-yomi: なんじ/しかり/その/のみ
On-yomi: ジ/ニ


Meaning: hit; right; appropriate; himself
Kun-yomi: あ.たる/あ.たり/あ.てる/あ.て/まさ.に/まさ.にべし
On-yomi: トウ

be pointed

Meaning: be pointed; sharp; taper; displeased; angry; edgy
Kun-yomi: とが.る/さき/するど.い
On-yomi: セン

younger of brothers

Meaning: younger of brothers; father's younger brother; younger brother of a husband
Kun-yomi: まめ
On-yomi: シュク


Meaning: esteem; furthermore; still; yet
Kun-yomi: なお
On-yomi: ショウ


Meaning: occupation; camp; perform; build; conduct (business)
Kun-yomi: いとな.む/いとな.み
On-yomi: エイ

fuel used for sacrifices

Meaning: fuel used for sacrifices
Kun-yomi: かがりび
On-yomi: リョウ

at least

Meaning: at least; not a little
Kun-yomi: すくな.い
On-yomi: セン/セウ


Meaning: surname; fresh
Kun-yomi: すくな.い
On-yomi: セン


Meaning: once; before; formerly; ever; never; ex-; lick; lap up; burn up; taste; undergo; underrate; despise
Kun-yomi: かつ.て/こころ.みる/な.める
On-yomi: ショウ/ジョウ


Meaning: shine; sparkle; gleam; twinkle
Kun-yomi: かがや.く/ひかり
On-yomi: ヨウ

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