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slave; servant; prisoner; criminal; follower

したが.うshitagau · しもべshimobe
Popularity rank: 2009 Pinyin: Korean: rye Hán-Việt: lệ
Stroke counts: 16 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-8-8

Example Words

奴隷[dorei] slave
蛮隷[banrei] slaves of the barbarians
隷従[reijuu] slavery
隷属[reizoku] subordination
隷書[reisho] clerical script (ancient, highly angular style of kanji)
奴隷制度[doreiseido] slavery
篆隷[tenrei] seal style and ancient square style
欲の奴隷[yokunodorei] slave to avarice
隷下[reika] subordinates
奴隷解放[doreikaihou] emancipation of slaves

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