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Meaning: fire; fire radical (no. 86)
On-yomi: ヒョウ/カ


Meaning: fire
Kun-yomi: ひ/-び/ほ-

set free

Meaning: set free; release; fire; shoot; emit; banish; liberate
Kun-yomi: はな.す/-っぱな.し/はな.つ/はな.れる/こ.く/ほう.る
On-yomi: ホウ


Meaning: torch; signal fire
On-yomi: コ/キョ


Meaning: bake; roast; grill; dry by fire
Kun-yomi: かがりび/あぶ.る
On-yomi: コウ/キョウ/ク


Meaning: shift; move; change; drift; catch (cold, fire); pass into
Kun-yomi: うつ.る/うつ.す

(said of fire) bright

Meaning: (said of fire) bright
On-yomi: コウ/ロウ

signal fire

Meaning: signal fire
Kun-yomi: のろし/とぶひ
On-yomi: ホウ

to cultivate land by first setting fire to it

Meaning: to cultivate land by first setting fire to it
Kun-yomi: あらた/やきた
On-yomi: ヨ/シャ


Meaning: fire; roast
Kun-yomi: ほう.じる/あぶ.る
On-yomi: ホウ/ハイ

refine metals

Meaning: refine metals; kneading over fire
Kun-yomi: ね.る
On-yomi: レン


Meaning: burn; kindle; build a fire; boil; cook
Kun-yomi: た.く/や.く/やきがり
On-yomi: フン/ホン/ハン

a builder's frame for measuring

Meaning: a builder's frame for measuring; juniper; a poker (for stirring fire); a cylinder part on the old style of wooden doors

smoke or flames from fire

Meaning: smoke or flames from fire; to roast
Kun-yomi: おおかみ
On-yomi: カツ/カチ/リョウ/ケツ

raging fire

Meaning: raging fire
Kun-yomi: あつ.い
On-yomi: カ/ケ

to stew

Meaning: to stew; simmer; banked fire
Kun-yomi: うずみび
On-yomi: ワイ/ウツ/ウチ

the blaze of fire

Meaning: the blaze of fire; dazzling
Kun-yomi: さかん
On-yomi: ヨウ/キョウ/コウ

by fire

Meaning: by fire
Kun-yomi: かわく
On-yomi: ゼン/ネン/ガン


Meaning: campfire; fishing fire; beacon basket
Kun-yomi: かがりび/かがり/ふせご
On-yomi: コウ

kindling fire

Meaning: kindling fire
Kun-yomi: おこ.る/おこ.す/さかん

to make a fire

Meaning: to make a fire; blaze
Kun-yomi: たく
On-yomi: セン/タン


Meaning: simmer; cook over slow fire
On-yomi: モン

signal fire

Meaning: signal fire
Kun-yomi: ひうち/ひきり/のろし
On-yomi: スイ

prairie fire

Meaning: prairie fire
Kun-yomi: のび
On-yomi: セン


Meaning: fire
Kun-yomi: や.く
On-yomi: カン/ケン

make fire by rubbing sticks

Meaning: make fire by rubbing sticks
Kun-yomi: き.る
On-yomi: サン

make fire by rubbing sticks

Meaning: make fire by rubbing sticks
Kun-yomi: き.る
On-yomi: サン

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