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Tips: joujou characters (Kanji characters to be learned at schools in Japan) are highlighted.
Also note that the English meaning under each Kanji is just one of many other possible senses.

the latter

Meaning: the latter; duplicate; strange; witty; fishhook radical (no. 5)
Kun-yomi: おと-/きのと
On-yomi: オツ/イツ

upside-down box radical (no. 13)

Meaning: upside-down box radical (no. 13)
On-yomi: キョウ/ケイ

wa-shaped crown radical (no. 14)

Meaning: wa-shaped crown radical (no. 14)
On-yomi: ベキ


Meaning: table; table enclosure; table or windy radical (no. 16)
Kun-yomi: きにょう

or again

Meaning: or again; furthermore; on the other hand
Kun-yomi: また/また-/また.の-
On-yomi: ユウ


Meaning: street; ward; town; counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something; even number; 4th calendar sign
Kun-yomi: ひのと
On-yomi: チョウ/テイ/チン/トウ/チ

box-on-side enclosure radical (no. 22)

Meaning: box-on-side enclosure radical (no. 22)
On-yomi: ホウ

hiding enclosure radical (no. 23)

Meaning: hiding enclosure radical (no. 23)
On-yomi: ケイ

seal radical (no. 26)

Meaning: seal radical (no. 26)
Kun-yomi: わりふ
On-yomi: セツ

wild goose

Meaning: wild goose; trailing cliff radical (no. 27)
Kun-yomi: かりがね
On-yomi: カン

obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release

Meaning: obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters
Kun-yomi: さまた.げられる
On-yomi: コウ


Meaning: under; underneath; below; down; inferior; bring down
Kun-yomi: した/しも/もと/さ.げる/さ.がる/くだ.る/くだ.す/くだ.さる/お.ろす/
On-yomi: カ/ゲ


Meaning: sword; saber; knife
Kun-yomi: かたな/そり
On-yomi: トウ

long stride or stretching radical (no. 54)

Meaning: long stride or stretching radical (no. 54)
On-yomi: イン


Meaning: child; sign of the rat; 11PM-1AM; first sign of Chinese zodiac
Kun-yomi: こ/-こ/ね
On-yomi: シ/ス/ツ

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