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ignorance; darkness; get; receive; be subjected to; sustain; Mongolia

モウ · ボウ
こうむ.るkōmuru · おお.うōu · くら.いkurai
Popularity rank: 2360 Pinyin: méng, mēng, měng Korean: mong Hán-Việt: mông
Stroke counts: 14 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-4-10

Example Words

啓蒙[keimou] enlightenment
損害を蒙る[songaiwokoumuru] to suffer a loss
内蒙[naimou] Inner Mongolia
蒙る[koumuru] to suffer
無知蒙昧[muchimoumai] unenlightened
蒙古[mouko] Mongolia
蒙昧[moumai] ignorance
御免蒙る[gomenkoumuru] to receive permission
蒙古斑[moukohan] Mongolian spot
外蒙古[gaimouko] Outer Mongolia

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