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hold aloft





hold aloft

かげkage · かげ.るkageru · かざ.すkazasu · きぬがさkinugasa · くも.るkumoru · くもりkumori
Pinyin: Korean: ye Hán-Việt: ế
Stroke counts: 17 Skip code: 1-10-7

Example Words

翳む[kasumu] to grow hazy
黒翳[kokuei] silhouette
黒底翳[kurosokohi] black cataract
暗翳[anei] shadow
陰翳[inei] shadow
翳る[kageru] to darken
振り翳す[furikazasu] to raise (esp. overhead)
翳り[kageri] shadow or cloud (e.g. on someone's happiness)

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