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No.; residence

ダイdai · テイtei
Popularity rank: 160 Pinyin: Korean: je Hán-Việt: đệ
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-6-5

Example Words

安全第一[anzendaiichi] safety first
及第[kyuudai] passing an examination
及第者[kyuudaisha] successful examinee
及第点[kyuudaiten] passing mark
次第[shidai] dependent upon
次第に[shidaini] gradually (progress into a state)
次第書き[shidaigaki] printed program
式次第[shikishidai] program of a ceremony (programme)
手当たり次第[teatarishidai] using anything one can lay one's hands on
出来次第[dekishidai] as soon as completed

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