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lunch box; clothes chest

su · shi
ke · はこhako
Pinyin: Korean: sa Hán-Việt: tứ
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 2-6-5

Example Words

箪笥[tansu] chest of drawers
洋服箪笥[youfukudansu] wardrobe (esp. for Western clothes)
用箪笥[youdansu] small cabinet
茶箪笥[chadansu] cupboard or chest for tea implements
碁笥[goke] go-stone container
ベビー箪笥[bebiidansu] small-sized wardrobe
衣装箪笥[ishoudansu] wardrobe
整理箪笥[seiridansu] bureau
櫛笥[kushige] toiletries case
箪笥の肥し[tansunokoyashi] unused things (esp. clothing)

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