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go around; rule; administer

アツatsu · カンkan · ワツwatsu
めぐ.るmeguru · めぐ.らすmegurasu
Pinyin: Korean: al, gan Hán-Việt: oát, quản
Stroke counts: 14 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-8-6

Example Words

斡旋[assen] kind offices
斡旋料[assenryou] agent's charge
就職斡旋[shuushokuassen] placement
斡旋者[assensha] mediator
斡旋案[assenan] mediation plan
斡旋業者[assengyousha] mediator
斡旋収賄[assenshuuwai] influence peddling
斡旋利得罪処罰法[assenritokutsumishobatsuhou] antigraft law
転職斡旋[tenshokuassen] outplacement
密入国斡旋業者[mitsunyuukokuassengyousha] people smuggler

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