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play with





play with; tamper; trifle with

ロウ · ru
いじく.るijikuru · ろう.するsuru · いじ.るijiru · ひねく.るhinekuru · たわむ.れるtawamureru · もてあそ.ぶmoteasobu
Pinyin: nòng, lòng Korean: rong Hán-Việt: lộng
Stroke counts: 7 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 2-4-3

Example Words

弄りまわす[ijirimawasu] to tinker with
玩弄[ganrou] make sport of
玩弄物[ganroubutsu] plaything
愚弄[gurou] mockery
飜弄[honrou] trifling with
弄する[rousuru] to play with
弄り[ijiri] meddling
弄る[ijiru] to touch
嘲弄[chourou] scorn
弄ぶ[moteasobu] to play with (a toy, one's hair, etc.)

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