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sign of the snake or serpent





sign of the snake or serpent; 9-11AM; sixth sign of Chinese zodiac

Popularity rank: 2142 Pinyin: Korean: sa Hán-Việt: tị
Stroke counts: 3 Grade level: 9 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 3-1-2

Example Words

巳年[midoshi] year of the snake
辰巳[tatsumi] southeast
己巳[kishi] sixth of the sexagenary cycle
上巳[joushi] March 3rd of the lunar calendar (one of the five annual festivals)
初巳[hatsumi] first Serpent day of the year
巳の日の祓[minohinoharae] purification ceremony held on the first day of the snake in the third month of the lunar calendar
辛巳[kanotomi] eighteenth of the sexagenary cycle
癸巳[mizunotomi] thirtieth of the sexagenary cycle
乙巳[kinotomi] 42nd of the sexagenary cycle

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