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temporary abode





temporary abode; imply; suggest

グウ · gu · ドウ
ぐう.するsuru · かこつ.けるkakotsukeru · よ.せるyoseru · よ.るyoru · かりずまいkarizumai
Popularity rank: 2330 Pinyin: Korean: u Hán-Việt: ngụ
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-3-9

Example Words

仮寓[kaguu] temporary residence
寓意[guui] hidden meaning
寓話[guuwa] fable
寓目[guumoku] fastening one's eyes upon
寓言[guugen] allegory
寓居[guukyo] temporary abode
寓意小説[guuishousetsu] allegory
寄寓[kiguu] lodging with
寓意劇[guuigeki] morality play
寓意的[guuiteki] allegorical

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