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dream; vision; illusion

mu · ボウ
ゆめyume · ゆめ.みるyumemiru · くら.いkurai
Popularity rank: 943 Pinyin: mèng Korean: mong Hán-Việt: mộng, mông
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-8-5

Example Words

満更夢ではない[manzarayumedehanai] not altogether a dream
悪夢[akumu] nightmare
一炊の夢[issuinoyume] an empty dream
一夢[ichimu] (a) dream
旧夢[kyuumu] ancient dream
凶夢[kyoumu] bad dream
初夢[hatsuyume] year's first dream
酔生夢死[suiseimushi] idling one's life away
正夢[masayume] dream that comes true

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