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measuring box; 1.8 liter

Popularity rank: 2077 Pinyin: shēng Korean: seung Hán-Việt: thăng
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 4-4-3

Example Words

一升[isshou] unit of old Japanese liquid measurement
一升壜[isshoubin] 1 sho bottle (1.8 litres)
升目[masume] measure
升席[masuseki] tatami "box seat" for four people at sumo, kabuki, etc.
升形[masugata] square (shape)
升遷[shousen] rising up
升酒[masuzake] alcohol (esp. sake) served in a small wooden box
升売り[masuuri] selling something by the boxful (in a wooden masu box)
蓮華升麻[rengeshouma] false anemone (Anemonopsis macrophylla)

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