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uncanny; weird; threatening; horrible

セイsei · サイsai
さむ.いsamui · すご.いsugoi · すさ.まじいsusamajī
Popularity rank: 2313 Pinyin: Korean: cheo Hán-Việt: thê
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-2-8

Example Words

凄い[sugoi] terrible
凄む[sugomu] to threaten
凄艶[seien] weirdly beautiful
凄惨[seisan] ghastly
凄文句[sugomonku] intimidating language
凄味[sugomi] weirdness
凄腕[sugoude] go-getter
物凄い[monosugoi] earth-shattering
凄じい[susamajii] terrific
凄絶[seizetsu] extremely

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