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allot; fill

あ.てるateru · み.たすmitasu
Popularity rank: 949 Pinyin: chōng Korean: chung Hán-Việt: sung
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-4-2

Example Words

充てがう[ategau] to allot
拡充[kakujuu] expansion
経営基盤の充実[keieikibannojuujitsu] fulfillment of management base
事業拡充[jigyoukakujuu] business expansion
充てる[ateru] to assign
充溢[juuitsu] overflow
充員[juuin] reserves
充血[juuketsu] congestion (with blood)
充血した[juuketsushita] congested
充血した目[juuketsushitame] inflamed eyes

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