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to be (classical)





to be (classical)

ya · e
なりnari · ka · またmata
Popularity rank: 1404 Pinyin: Korean: ya Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 3 Grade level: 9 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 4-3-4

Example Words

可也[kanari] considerably
時は金也[tokihakanenari] time is money
悪法も亦法也[akuhoumomatahounari] A law is a law, however undesirable it may be
事実は小説より奇也[jijitsuhashousetsuyorikinari] Truth is stranger than fiction
弱き者よ汝の名は女也[yowakimonoyonanjinonahaonnanari] Frailty, thy name is woman
知らぬは亭主許り也[shiranuhateishubakarinari] Only the husband does not know
盗人を捕らえて見れば我が子也[nusubitowotoraetemirebawagakonari] The thief caught turn out to be one's own son
文は人也[bunhahitonari] The style is the man
空也餅[kuuyamochi] chunky mochi made with half-polished rice, stuffed with red bean paste

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