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renowned; publish; write; remarkable; phenomenal; put on; don; wear; arrival; finish (race); counter for suits of clothing; literary work

チョcho · チャクchaku
あらわ.すarawasu · いちじる.しいichijirushī
Popularity rank: 849 Pinyin: zhù, zhe, zhāo, zháo, zhǔ, zī Korean: jeo, chag Hán-Việt: trứ, trước, trữ
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 3-7-4

Example Words

遺著[icho] posthumous work
共著[kyoucho] collaboration
顕著[kencho] remarkable
原著[gencho] the original work
原著者[genchosha] author
拙著[seccho] my production
前著[zencho] ibid.
著る[kiru] to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down)
著しい[ichijirushii] striking
著わす[arawasu] to write

Kanji Strokes Diagram


light wheat-gluten bread

Pinyin: Korean: bu Hán-Việt: phu
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 3-7-4

Kanji Strokes Diagram

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