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Tips: joujou characters (Kanji characters to be learned at schools in Japan) are highlighted.
Also note that the English meaning under each Kanji is just one of many other possible senses.

water chestnut

Meaning: water chestnut
Kun-yomi: ひし
On-yomi: リョウ


Meaning: greens; vegetables
Kun-yomi: あおもの
On-yomi: ソ/ショ

luxurious grass

Meaning: luxurious grass; a smartweed
Kun-yomi: たで
On-yomi: シン/リク/リョウ


Meaning: melt; be charmed; captivated
Kun-yomi: とろ.かす/とろ.ける/うご.く
On-yomi: トウ


Meaning: buckwheat
Kun-yomi: そば
On-yomi: キョウ


Meaning: turnip
Kun-yomi: かぶ/かぶら/あれる
On-yomi: ブ/ム


Meaning: pistil; stamen
Kun-yomi: しべ
On-yomi: ズイ


Meaning: bracken; fernbrake
Kun-yomi: わらび
On-yomi: ケツ

gather together

Meaning: gather together
Kun-yomi: まぶし
On-yomi: ゾク/ソウ


Meaning: calyx; stem
Kun-yomi: へた
On-yomi: テイ/タイ

giant radish

Meaning: giant radish; daikon
On-yomi: フク/ホク

grow luxuriously

Meaning: grow luxuriously
On-yomi: バン/ハン

lid of a cauldron

Meaning: lid of a cauldron; Buddhist cloister
Kun-yomi: ふた
On-yomi: オウ/アン/オン

Kun-yomi: おお.きい/ひろびろと
On-yomi: カツ/カチ

cloudy weather

Meaning: cloudy weather; cloud up
Kun-yomi: くも.る
On-yomi: ドン

setting sun

Meaning: setting sun
On-yomi: ヘツ/ヘチ

swallow (bird)

Meaning: swallow (bird)
Kun-yomi: つばめ/つばくら/つばくろ
On-yomi: エン


Meaning: cover; shade; mantle; capsize; be ruined
Kun-yomi: おお.う/おお.い
On-yomi: ヘイ/ヘツ/フツ

grubs in wood

Meaning: grubs in wood; worms in books, clothes, etc; used figuratively of corrupt officials
Kun-yomi: きくいむし


Meaning: pistil; stamen
Kun-yomi: しべ
On-yomi: ズイ

foul-smelling grass

Meaning: foul-smelling grass
On-yomi: ユウ/ユ

roof tile

Meaning: roof tile; tiled roof
Kun-yomi: いらか
On-yomi: ボウ/ミョウ

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