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food; bait; prey; tempting profit

ji · ni
e · えばeba · えさesa · もちmochi
Popularity rank: 2277 Pinyin: ěr Korean: i Hán-Việt: nhị
Stroke counts: 14 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-8-6

Example Words

餌食[ejiki] prey
好餌[kouji] bait
擂り餌[surie] ground food
撒き餌[makie] scattered animal feed
薬餌[yakuji] medicine
薬餌療法[yakujiryouhou] treatment by medicine and diet
活餌[ikie] live bait
食餌[shokuji] dietary cure
食餌療法[shokujiryouhou] medical diet

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