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time; about; toward

ケイkei · キョウkyō
ころkoro · ごろgoro · しばら.くshibaraku
Popularity rank: 2015 Pinyin: qǐng, qīng Korean: gyeong, gyu Hán-Việt: khoảnh, khuynh, khuể
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-2-9

Example Words

此の頃[konokoro] recently
一頃[hitokoro] once
何時頃[itsugoro] about when
近頃[chikagoro] lately
月頃[tsukigoro] these past months
見頃[migoro] best time to see
頃合い[koroai] suitable time
頃刻[keikoku] short period
今頃[imagoro] about this time
使い頃[tsukaigoro] handy

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