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sheath; case; margin; difference; shells (of beans)

ショウshō · ソウ
Pinyin: qiào, shāo Korean: cho Hán-Việt: sao
Stroke counts: 16 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-9-7

Example Words

金利鞘[kinrishou] interest margin
元鞘[motosaya] returning to normal after all is said and done
朱鞘[shuzaya] red-lacquered sword sheath
腱鞘[kenshou] sheath of tendon
腱鞘炎[kenshouen] inflammation of a tendon (sheath)
値鞘[nezaya] margin
鞘当て[sayaate] rivalry (in love, touching of sheaths)
逆鞘[gyakuzaya] (discount rate) negative spread
鞘取り[sayatori] brokerage

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