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difficult; impossible; trouble; accident; defect

かた.いkatai · -がた.い-gatai · むずか.しいmuzukashī · むづか.しいmuzukashī · むつか.しいmutsukashī · -にく.い-nikui
Popularity rank: 330 Pinyin: nán, nàn Korean: nan, na Hán-Việt: nan, nạn, na
Stroke counts: 18 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-10-8

Example Words

し難い[shinikui] hard to do
一難[ichinan] one difficulty
火難[kanan] fire calamity
海難[kainan] shipwreck
患難[kannan] affliction
危難[kinan] peril
及び難い[oyobigatai] hard to attain to
救難[kyuunan] rescue
救難ヘリコプター[kyuunanherikoputaa] rescue helicopter
苦難[kunan] suffering

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