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wild goose





wild goose

かりkari · かりがねkarigane
Popularity rank: 2192 Pinyin: yàn Korean: an Hán-Việt: nhạn
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 3-2-10

Example Words

雁の使い[karinotsukai] (a) letter
雁の文[karinofumi] (a) letter
雁の便り[karinotayori] (a) letter
雁行[gankou] the flight formation of geese
雁骨[kariganebone] scapula
雁字搦みに[ganjigaramini] (bind) firmly
雁首[karikubi] (something resembling a) goose's neck
雁首[gankubi] head of a pipe, incl. the bowl and stem attachment
雁書[gansho] letter
雁爪[ganzume] Japanese rake

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