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awake; be disillusioned; sober up

さ.ますsamasu · さ.めるsameru
Pinyin: xǐng Korean: seong Hán-Việt: tỉnh
Stroke counts: 16 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-7-9

Example Words

醒ます[samasu] to awaken
醒める[sameru] to wake
興醒し[kyouzamashi] kill-joy
興醒め[kyouzame] kill-joy
興醒める[kyouzameru] to lose interest
寝醒める[nezameru] to wake up
覚醒剤[kakuseizai] stimulant (e.g. psychoactive drugs like methamphetamine, ritalin, etc.)
覚醒[kakusei] waking up
酔い醒め[yoizame] recovering from intoxication
興醒まし[kyouzamashi] spoiling the fun

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