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agriculture; farmers

Popularity rank: 385 Pinyin: nóng Korean: nong Hán-Việt: nông
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-6-7

Example Words

加農砲[kanouhou] cannon
乾燥地農業[kansouchinougyou] dry farming
乾地農法[kanchinouhou] dry farming
勧農[kannou] encouragement of agriculture
共同農場[kyoudounoujou] collective farm
兼業農家[kengyounouka] part-time farmer
豪農[gounou] wealthy farmer
士農工商[shinoukoushou] hierarchy of samurai, farmers, artisans, and merchants in Edo society
重農主義[juunoushugi] physiocracy
小作農[kosakunou] tenant farming

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