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part of speech; words; poetry

Popularity rank: 1636 Pinyin: Korean: sa Hán-Việt: từ
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-7-5

Example Words

哀詞[aishi] message of condolence
一段動詞[ichidandoushi] ichidan verb (one of the two main conjugation classes of verbs in modern Japanese, usually ending in -eru or -iru)
可能動詞[kanoudoushi] potential verb
歌詞[kashi] song lyrics
賀詞[gashi] congratulations
賀詞交換[gashikoukan] New Year greetings (parties)
冠詞[kanshi] article
感動詞[kandoushi] interjection
間投詞[kantoushi] interjection
疑問詞[gimonshi] interrogative word

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