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unravel; notes; key; explanation; understanding; untie; undo; solve; answer; cancel; absolve; explain; minute

カイkai · ge
と.くtoku · と.かすtokasu · と.けるtokeru · ほど.くhodoku · ほど.けるhodokeru · わか.るwakaru · さと.るsatoru
Popularity rank: 176 Pinyin: jiě, jiè, xiè Korean: hae, gae Hán-Việt: giải, giái, giới
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-7-6

Example Words

データ解析[deetakaiseki] data analysis
暗号解読[angoukaidoku] cryptanalysis
一知半解[icchihankai] superficial knowledge
加水分解[kasuibunkai] hydrolysis
過度の弁解[kadonobenkai] profuse apology
解く[toku] to solve
解く[hodoku] to unfasten
解ける[tokeru] to be solved
解ける[hodokeru] to come untied
解せない[gesenai] inscrutable

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