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men's formal divided skirt

ko · ku
はかまhakama · ずぼんzubon
Popularity rank: 2175 Pinyin: Korean: go, gwa Hán-Việt: khố
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-5-6

Example Words

袴着[hakamagi] ceremony fitting child with a hakama
羽織袴[haorihakama] Japanese male formal attire
藤袴[fujibakama] thoroughwort (species of boneset, Eupatorium fortunei)
紺屋の白袴[kouyanoshirobakama] the shoemaker's children go barefoot
御袴料[onhakamaryou] betrothal money given from woman to man
着袴[chakko] ceremony of fitting child with a hakama
袴能[hakamanou] informal noh performed in light clothes (during the summer)
山袴[yamabakama] work hakama
雪袴[yukibakama] work hakama for use in the snow

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