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incur; cover; veil; brood over; shelter; wear; put on; be exposed (film); receiving

こうむ.るkōmuru · おお.うōu · かぶ.るkaburu · かぶ.せるkabuseru
Popularity rank: 431 Pinyin: bèi, pī Korean: pi Hán-Việt: bị, bí
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-5-5

Example Words

花被[kahi] perianth
外被[gaihi] investment (in the sense of outer layer)
刑事被告[keijihikoku] the accused
刑事被告人[keijihikokunin] accused
原被[genpi] plaintiff and defendant
損害を被る[songaiwokoumuru] to suffer a loss
泥を被る[dorowokaburu] to be covered with mud
猫被り[nekokaburi] feigned innocence or naivete
買い被る[kaikaburu] to overestimate
被せる[kabuseru] to cover (with something)

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