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must not





must not; do not; be not

バクbaku · bo · マクmaku · mo · ナイnai
くれkure · なか.れnakare · なしnashi
Pinyin: Korean: mag, mo Hán-Việt: mạc, mộ, mạch, mịch
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-4-7

Example Words

索莫[sakubaku] dreary
莫大[bakudai] enormous
莫大小[meriyasu] knitting
莫れ[nakare] must not
莫迦[baka] fool
莫逆[bakugyaku] cordial relations
莫連[bakuren] worldly woman
寂莫[jakumaku] loneliness
落莫[rakubaku] desolate

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