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laid waste





laid waste; rough; rude; wild

あら.いarai · あら-ara- · あ.れるareru · あ.らすarasu · -あ.らし-arashi · すさ.むsusamu
Popularity rank: 1099 Pinyin: huāng Korean: hwang Hán-Việt: hoang
Stroke counts: 9 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-3-6

Example Words

アパート荒らし[apaatoarashi] apartment house robbery (robber)
一荒れ[hitoare] squall
凶荒[kyoukou] poor crops
口荒[kuchiara] rough speaking
荒い[arai] rough
荒い波[arainami] wild (raging) waves
荒っぽい[arappoi] rough
荒す[arasu] to lay waste
荒れる[areru] to be stormy
荒れ狂う[arekuruu] to rage

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